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More articles have been translated into English:

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Dear Sirs

We invite you to take part in VI International conference "High technologies in development of housing market. Tendencies and prospects in development of the primary market of Ukraine. Urgent questions of investment and legal zoning." which takes place in Odessa September 8-11, 2005, in "Odessa" hotel.

Details ...

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Ассоциация специалистов по недвижимости Украины
АН МОЛДАВАНКА - все о недвижимости в Одессе

Аренда и продажа недвижимости в Одессе. Квартиры посуточно.

About Association


Our Mission

The association of realtors in Odessa and Odessa region, as social orgnisation exists since and is assignee of association of realtors in Odessa and Odessa region as the union of legal entities (agencies of real estate ) which were founded in 1995. By joint efforts for last years a lot of work have been done in the sphere of development of real estate`s market establishment of of cooperation of realtors`companies.

During all activity of association a lot of meeting were organized by association for realtors and community on topic: "Judicial, arbitral prosecutor practice of examination of disputes which deals with amortization (May 1996) "Experience in valuation of real estate in Ukraine" (May 1997) "Legislative regulation of realtor's activity" (February 1998), "Judicial regulation of prevatisation process. Legal aspects of transition of the property right to real estate (January 1999), "The ground and operations with the ground. Legal aspects" (July 2002).The international conference " High technologies of development of realtor's business " (September 2002, 2003). With the assistance of members of Association are developed "National standards of realtor's activity", Law "About the self-regulable organizations".

During the period with 1998-on 1999 was organized the work of "Hot legal line" within the framework of the project " Legal protection and education of citizens in sphere of privatization and fulfilment of civil-law transactions with real estate. This project was carried out with assistance of fund " Eurasia ", a consortium "Leadership of the right". During 1999 work after granting free-of-charge legal consultations to citizens was carried out by forces of experts of Association. Informational experience interchange on rendering such consultations occurred with fifteen similar centers in other areas of Ukraine and two in Moldova.

In September, 2000 the contract about cooperation of realtor's firms which employees are members of Association of realtor's has been signed. The contract obliges realtor's companies to render services on a basis of " Code of ethics of members of Association ", " Position about the arbitration court of realtor's Association " (approved on July, 16, 1998), the united standard of the working documentation.

In 2001 the personnel department of Association which in close cooperation with Professional School of Rieltor's of Association of Odessa carried out enrolment, training and improvement of professional skill of employees of realtor's companies - collective members of Association of realtor's has been created. On the basis of work of the personnel device "Register of professional Odessa realtor's " is created ". The program for collective members of Association on joint advertising objects of the real estate, realtor's services and increasing image of profession has been developed within the framework of action of system of the maximal discounts, in advertising editions of Odessa.

2002-2003 year is developing , introducing and regulating the uniform database of objects of the real estate of firms, collective members of Association Odessa and the Odessa region realtor's for effective utilization of it "Uniform standards of interaction of realtor's firms have been developed and accepted. Development of " Standards of interaction " was carried out on the basis of a long-term operational experience of members of Council of Association, and data of interrogation of leading experts of the market of the real estate.


Our plans
  Plans of Association for the future

  • Support of the authorized programs of Association on directions:
    1. Information - consulting and methodological support:

      A. Market of the real estate of the Odessa region

      B. Small and starting realtor's firms and the organizations

    2. Legal education of citizens on questions of purchase, possession and alienation of real estate;
    3. Contribution of privatization of the grounds both physical, and legal persons.
  • Interaction with the interested organizations under programs of development of business and increase of legal literacy of the population;
  • Interaction from mass-media on illumination of activity of Association and a condition of the market of the real estate of city and area.

Association of Realtors of Odessa and the Odessa area - the open organization. Council of Association is elective body and always carries out the activity in interests of members of Association. The association is always ready to cooperation for achievement of the basic purposes in particular and for development of Ukraine as democratic state as a whole.

Association Membership
  What gives me the membership in association

  • The right of using the attributes of Association;
  • Legal support on professional questions;
  • The certificate confirming the belonging to professional community;
  • Expansion of an information field through the incorporated base of sold objects with an output in INTERNET;
  • The right on the corporate discount in newspapers "Broker", "Aviso", on advertising on radio and TV;
  • The right on consideration of disputes by the Arbitration court;
  • The right on participation in the program "Guarantee";
  • The right on participation in the program "the Real estate on credit";
  • The right on the discount at training on rates and trainings on various directions, increase of professional qualification;
  • The right on the discount at manufacturing the outdoor advertising;
  • The right on the discount at manufacturing printed advertising carriers;
  • The right on participation in joint activity;
  • Free-of-charge using library of Association, duly reception of the information on events in other regions of Ukraine;
  • The recommendation for the introduction into Association of experts under the real estate (realtors) of Ukraine without payment of an entrance fee;
  • Support of public opinion due to the program of cooperation with mass media;
  • An opportunity to participate in the actions spent by Association;
  • An opportunity of carrying out of leisure in a circle of colleagues on professional community.
More in detail about the purposes and problems of ARO , and also about questions of the introduction to address:

Odessa, str.Basarnaja 61, office. 15
Ph. 49-64-81, 718-06-00, e-mail:

Локайчук В. Ф. с 1998г. по 2000г.
Lokaychuk V F
Маринуца Р. Е. с 2000г. по 2002г.
Marinuza R E
Грабина Д. П. с 2002г. по 2004г.
Grabina D P
Аббасов Т. Э. с 2004г.
Abbasov T E
since 2004


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